YAPS Yet Another Partition Saver

This small utility allows you to save and restore master boot records, partition tables and complete partitions. Don't use YAPS for file backups.


This program comes without any warranty either implied or expressed. In no case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software.

Don't use YAPS, if you don't know exactly what you are doing, you may destroy your data. YAPS was tested on several systems and no bugs were encountered (yet), but YAPS is still beta. So if you want to test YAPS, be sure to have a working backup of your data files

Why I wrote this program

I'm working with several operating systems on my computers and sometimes installations/partitions are destroyed when testing new software. It takes a lot of time to recover the whole system (installing the OS and the apps). Therefore restoring complete partitions is the easiest and fastest way to get back the old environment. Most of the currently available utilities don't support HDs greater 8.4 GB and they can't split up the partition images. So I installed my old C-Compiler again, looked for some information and spent my time coding this tool.

The features of YAPS


The target drive for your partition image must be accessible for MS-DOS and there must be enough filespace on it. Start YAPS and you will get a table with the detected harddisk(s). On the bottom you see the possible actions:

Press <T> to see the Fixed Disk Parameter Table of the highlighted disk.

Pressing <ESC> will exit the program; who would ever thought that.

You can change your selection with Cursor Up and Cursor Down

Pressing <Enter> will bring you to the partition table entries of this harddisk.

Here you can save/restore partitions, partition tables and master boot records, just press the appropriate button as shown.

To run programs before or after you save your partition, modify the yaps.cfg file (see Configuration)

Splitting the size of the partition image

Type S in the partition save menue and enter the value, YAPS will round down for a multiple of 512. If there is not enough space on the target volume, YAPS will tell.

Command line parameters

There is just one: /f forces YAPS to use the conventional int13h calls. This was implemented to transfer partitions from systems using int13h extensions to old, conventional systems. This works only, when the logical numbers of sectors and heads are identical on both systems and there is a matching partition table on the target drive (see below).


You cannot restore a partition, when the partition table indicates different start and/or end sectors, heads or cylinders. In this case, create or restorea matching partition table.To restore a master boot record or partition table, be sure to have the BIOS virus protection disabled.


In the yaps.cfg file are the default values for the target drive and path, the names of partition, partition table and mbr, the names for batch files to run before and after the save process. If the name of these files is shorter than 4 characters, YAPS won't run these batch files. Modified default values will be saved when YAPS terminates.

The future of YAPS

Thanks to Curtis E. Stevens for his paper about the Enhanced Disk Drive Specification.

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