Lines Too

A cute little game for WIN95/98/NT. Perhaps you've seen it already on a Palm Pilot.

How to install Lines Too

There is no setup, no registry entries are made (why must every program increase the registry and then 'forget' to remove its entries? Wasn't that a good time with those old fashioned ini files? ), just create a new folder and unzip the files into it.

How to de-install Lines Too

Delete the folder where you installed Lines Too and the LINES.INI from the system directory.

How to play Lines Too

Try to get 5 or more symbols of the same type in a line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). You start with three symbols. By clicking on a symbol you select it (see it spinning). Now click on a cell to move the symbol to its new place. A symbol can only be moved to an empty cell, which must be reachable by horizontal or vertical steps accross empty cells. After your move, new symbols will appear randomly. If you create a line, your score will increase (5 points for a line with 5 symbols, 10 for 6, 20 for 7 and so on) and the symbols will disappear and you can make your next move, in this case, no new symbols are created. If no empty cells are left, the game is over.


For every level the settings are 9 columns, 9 rows, 5 symbols minimum per row, 3 new symbols to create, the number of different symbol types differs

Changing the level will start a new game!


Advanced Options

Changing any this options will start a new game!

Highscore tables are only available for the settings from one of the levels, if the Highscore Table is available, you see it on the right side.

Highscore Table

If there isn't already a highscoretable, a new one will be created. Don't modify a Highscore Table, otherwise it will be deleted. If you think, you've made a real good score, mail the Highscore Table to me (you find it in the folder you created for lines, their names are hseasy.dat, hsmedium.dat, hshard.dat for easy, medium and hard level). Maybe there will be a table for the best results on my homepage.


You see a "C" near the right bottom corner of the playground. If you like colours, click it! ;-)


You can replace all the wav and bitmap files used by Lines Too (the symbols and the texts in the Colour-mode), if you dont't like my bitmaps :-(


Lines Too is CharityWare, that means, after an evaluation period you can either delete Lines Too or if you intend to keep playing you have to make some payment to a nominated charity or environmental organisation of your choice. You are free too redistribute Lines Too as long as it is kept as charityware.

This program comes without any warranty either implied or expressed. In no case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software.

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